Naval Architecture

Parametric Hull Lines Design

We offer our services for hull lines design for both composites and metal vessels. The hull lines are evolved during the design process to reflect the displacement and LCG achieved through the weight estimate.

Double curvature surfaces give better estetic results for the hull design. While they are production friendly for composites vessels, they can be difficult and more costly to build for metal construction. We offer the option of designing hulls with single curvature for metal vessels.

An example of single curvature hull design for a 24m metal vessel.

An example of double curvature hull design for a 20m composites yacht.

Performance Estimates

We use advance computer software to achieve more accurate results with regards to resistance, range, and speed estimates. If required, we run CFD analysis and tank testing to achieve more accurate performance data.

Detailed Weight Estimates

We will produce an extensive detailed weight estimate for your design to give you the displacement, LCG, and VCG of your vessel. This will be used in the design process to achieve the hull lines which are best suited to your requirements.

  • Stability and Hydrostatic Calculations
  • Incline Experiment and Stability Booklets
  • Propulsion Arrangement
  • Rudder Calculations
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